The Hat – Not a Way to Cover Bald Patches

The hair grows for 2 to 6 years. After that follows a brief period when it doesn’t grow and then falls down pushed by new hair follicles. The normal hair loss rate is 100 to 150 strands daily. Anything higher than that is considered losing your hair.When new hair fail to replace the lost one or hair is coming out in patches we should start worry about loss of hair.The causes for hair loss in females can range from temporary causes to permanent ones.The temporary causes are the ones that when removed hair restores naturally. Among these we can mention pregnancy, excessive cosmetic hair treatments, excessive mechanical stress (hair manipulation), medical conditions, stress, scalp infections.Hair regrowth in these instances happens once the causes are removed.The permanent loss of hair is the result of heredity and hormonal changes and it doesn’t solve as easy as the temporary loss of hair.Female hair loss pattern starts mainly in the frontal area followed by an overall hair loss that will determine a visible thinning of the female hair. The impact on the woman’s looks is nothing short of disastrous!Treating permanent female hair loss includes:- Revised diet: review and remove all unhealthy habits from the daily diet, rely on a balanced diet at all times; it will help the hair loss condition as well as the overall health- Exercise, exercise, exercise…: we can’t emphasis enough the importance of exercising for the general health! Exercising stimulates blood flow in our bodies, including the scalp. If the scalp receives more fresh blood the hair follicles have a better chance to produce hair again.- The use of topical herbal oils: most of them need to be applied directly on the scalp with the intent to re-open the hair follicles. The success of these oils is relative and by all means not guaranteed.- Fashion head covers like wigs and hair extension to mask the real problem and allow for a social life as close to normal as possible.- Using a proven medical product (preferably a natural one). Over years many products have been developed for treating hair loss, some with more success than others. One thing about these treatments is that women must be sure they use products developed for them and not for men as specific formulas serve differently men and women. Some of the men formula’s ingredients may prove harmful for women especially for pregnant ladies.Hair loss treatments are available over-the-counter but is always wise to consult a medic before deciding which product to use. One of these products, a hidden gem if you will is Provillus. It is not heavily advertised and maybe you didn’t even hear about it. However this hair loss treatment has an impressive track record for helping with hair loss.Provillus is a hard to beat package, from the specially designed effective women’s formula to the actual easy and enjoyable online shopping experience.- Surgical procedures: last but not least surgical procedures available at very steep prices proved to ensure a certain degree of success. Hair implants can get very costly and are not in within everyone’s budget. The results can’t be guaranteed because that is function of how each body reacts to the procedure.If hair loss gets to interfere with your social life and becomes a daily concern then you should explore your options and take action. As showed above there are plenty of things you can try!


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