Bianchi 7940AccuELITE DutyLok Bsk RH Sz11 #23060

The DutyLok is the next generation, multi-retention duty holster with the exclusive Auto Retention concept. It provides an easy to use, smooth, single plane drawing platform, and offers excellent retention capabilities. Bianchi’s KnuckleBreak thumb snap is released with a straight downward stroke of the thumb while the middle finger indexes on the release lever. The draw stroke is an efficient upward movement. Fits belts up to 2.25″. Features: – Auto Retention The means by which a weapon, once holstered, and without securing any other external retention devices, instantly locks into place providing the officer an extra measure of time to control a situation. – KnuckleBreak design for smooth one-step drawing motion – FingerLok provides speed and security for quick middle finger release of firearm – Fits for the most popular semiautomatic pistols – Injection molded belt loop with ErgoTek comfort pad – Fits snugly on Bianchi ErgoTek belt or standard 2.25″ equipment belt – User adjustable Tension Bars on belt loop help keep holster securely in place on belt – Low maintenance, can be washed with soap and water – Abrasion resistant DuraSkin finish; Coptex knit lining RHBasket Black Size 11 fits:Glock 19, 23
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